Renovation of a building in the neighborhood of Lagunillas, Malaga.

In the heart of Malaga, an old residential building has undergone a meticulous renovation to preserve and enhance its historic features, such as the hydraulic tiles, while incorporating modern elements to provide a sophisticated living space. This renovation represents the perfect harmony between the charm of the old and the comfort of the contemporary.

While maintaining the historic essence of the building, the renovation incorporates modern elements to make it functional and comfortable for contemporary living. Modern elevators have been installed to facilitate access to the different floors, and the electrical and plumbing installations have been updated to ensure the safety and comfort of residents.

In addition, the common spaces, such as the lobby and inner courtyard, have been designed to merge historical elegance with modern style. Large pool, spa and fitness areas have been designed while maintaining the essence of the interior courtyard. The courtyard has been converted into a green oasis with carefully selected landscaping, providing a tranquil space for residents.